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In-Depth Telecom Billing Review Guaranteed

Telecom Integrity Group is the company to call for comprehensive telecom audit services. Our account reconciliation teams in Hoboken and Clinton, NJ utilize a proprietary analysis method in troubleshooting errors and inefficiencies in the billing process. This allows us to perform an in-depth telecom billing review every time!

Billing Audit Results – Fortune 1000 Companies

TIG has also performed audits with tremendous results for several Fortune 1000 companies in the retail, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, call center, real estate, car rental, hospitality, and banking industries as well as other businesses.

The telecom audit process is the same regardless of the size of an account, and the errors and savings opportunities are still prevalent. On average, anywhere from 5 to 12% of the customers’ billing is in error. Sometimes, the errors are obvious; other times, it requires many years of audit experience to uncover and resolve the issue.

The excellent resources and know-hows in getting refunds and savings are necessary to complete a successful audit. TIG has both of these, so rest assured that we are capable of performing a thorough audit. We have a proven track record of recovering maximum refunds, regardless of the size of the company or industry. We have experience with large enterprise accounts, municipal/government offices, and general businesses. TIG has worked with literally hundreds of various phone companies and telecom vendors.
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Audit Opportunities – Where Do Savings Come From?

Though there are far too many areas to cover in a quick read, here are some of the more common areas in which TIG can save you money with invoice processing and recommendations.


Errors and savings come from one of the two areas: Rate and tariff or physical inventory. In rate and tariff, the customer is not accurately charged for service according to the tariff or contract. Subtly put, the application of the tariff itself as often configuration will determine when specific charges are applicable. Meanwhile, in physical inventory, the customer cannot be charged for lines that are either not at the location or not in service. TIG has developed a proprietary method for identifying these opportunities quickly and taking corrective actions. All errors and refunds are pursued regardless of the size. Once all errors are corrected, cost savings recommendations are made and those approved by the customer are implemented. A typical customer has hundreds of open issues at any one time.