Telecom Consulting

TIG is highly proficient in handling project management and implementation projects. Since we understand all of the various carriers and products from our audit work, we are perfectly positioned to assist our customers with the best pricing options available either within their existing carrier or by entertaining new a partner.


Consulting work provides our customers with opportunities that provide the greatest returns. Most often, the refunds and savings are tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars, which are pure profit to the organization. We provide all of the resources to clearly document the errors, submit the disputes, negotiate with the various phone companies, and recover the refunds that our customers deserve. Throughout the process, there is minimal customer involvement other than providing us the required invoices to audit and the authorization to work our clients’ your behalf.


During the audit and recovery process, we provide regular updates to the customer in person or via email and conference call. These updates often include hundreds of disputes and issues.


We are experts at what we do, which allows clients to focus on their respective businesses. Often, TIG is brought in after another firm has "completed" an audit or in conjunction with a software package to manage expenses. Since TIG implements a proven method of line-by-line and USOC-by-USOC audit, we have generated tremendous results with these types of opportunities. Keeping in mind that we are compensated based on results with a contingency fee, all of the risks are on TIG and it is always a win/win relationship with our customers.

Telecom Consulting

Helping You Ensure Efficient Telecom Billing

Telecom Integrity Group is everybody’s partner in ensuring efficient, error-free billing processes. Our telecom audit and consulting company helps businesses in optimizing their existing methods and strategies to minimize billing errors, recover maximum refunds, and boost cost savings. Our headquarters are in Clinton and Hoboken, NJ, while we have a remote sales team in St. Louis, MS.

Telecom Audit

Our management team has over 25 years’ experience in the telecom audit business. During this time. TIG has developed a proprietary method of quickly and efficiently identifying billing errors, regardless of the size. We can assure clients that within a matter of weeks, we can identify refund and savings opportunities within an account and generate a detailed game plan on how to attack the breaks found.
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Hire Us for a Telecom Billing Review

TIG is confident that there are errors with your billing, and we know exactly how to identify and resolve them quickly. Let the results speak for themselves! Contact us today to conduct an analysis of your billing processes. If you wish to learn more about our telecom audit and consulting company and what we can do for you, feel free to continue browsing through our website.