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telecom audit
Telecom Audit
Our management team has over 25 years in the Telecom Audit business, and during this time TIG has developed a proprietary method of identifying all of the billing errors, regardless of size, quickly and efficiently. Within a matter of weeks, TIG will identify the refund and savings opportunities within an account, and then generate a detailed game plan on how to attack the
opportunities with the greatest return. Most often the refunds and savings are tens or hundred of thousands of dollars, which is pure profit to your organization. We provide all of the resources to clearly document the errors, submit the disputes, negotiate with the various phone companies, and recover the refunds that our customers deserve. Through this entire process there is minimal customer involvement other than providing us the required invoices to audit and okay to work in your behalf. During our process we provide regular updates to the customer which can be done in person or via email and conference call, which often includes hundreds of disputes and issues. We are experts at what we do, which allows you to focus on your business. Often TIG is brought in after another firm has "completed" an audit, or in conjunction with a software package to manage expenses. Since TIG implements a proven method of line by line and USOC by USOC audit, we have generated tremendous results with these types of opportunities. Keeping in mind we are compensated based on results with a contingency fee, all of the risk is on TIG and it is always a win/win relationship with our customer. TIG is confident there are errors with your billing, and we know exactly how to identify and resolve quickly. Let our results speak for themselves.
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telecom consulting
Telecom Consulting
TIG is expertly skilled with project management and implementation projects. Since we understand all of the various carriers and products from our audit work, we are perfectly positioned to assist our customers with the best pricing options available either within their existing carrier or even entertaining new. Consulting work provides our customers with the
information required to make the best decisions for your business. If changes need to be made, TIG will assist or handle all the orders, installs, first bill review, or whatever part of the project our customers feel comfortable in designating to us. We have the expertise and experience to handle all. Our audit work also allows us to thoroughly understand our customers accounting and bill pay, which has created an area of our business handling the bill pay process for our customers. We often receive, audit, allocate and process payments for your telecom invoices. Each customer process is tailor fit to dovetail into your existing systems. TIG is well positioned to simply audit, or take on whatever telecom projects you have, and are doing so for many large companies. Come talk with us about what we can do.
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  • Refunds
  • Savings
  • Inventory
  • CSR Gather
  • Invoice Gathering
  • Recommendations
  • Bill Pay
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  • MAC Activity
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services overview


Fee based upon results


Recover maximum refunds for over-billing


Project or process based

Inventory Management

Create and manage inventory of all lines, circuits, and locations

Physical Inventory Inspection

On site technicians to identify and test all lines and circuit

Bill Pay

Invoice allocation and payment

Moves, Adds, and Changes

Provide all provisioning services, as well as Break Fix on troubles