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Bill Pay

A natural extension of the bill audit is having TIG handle the monthly Invoice Processing service. TIG literally takes over the billing review, audit, and payment allocation function for your company.

TIG will:

  • Receive and Log all invoices
  • Identify and Allocate charges to appropriate Cost Centers
  • Generate Paper or Electronic Check request
  • Monthly Track and Generate Reports based on spend, coding, lines, activity by location, vendor, type


  • Audit and Negotiate refunds and savings
  • Upon customer request, handle Line Side MAC activity including complex installs
  • Dedicate TIG resources to each account

This monthly review provides maximum results and ensures the accuracy of the inventory and billing records. Errors are not only caught immediately, but all allocations of bill amounts are validated against real time billing information, and adjusted accordingly. TIG becomes your "Bill Manager". Fees are generally a small percentage of the customer's monthly spend. TIG has several Invoice Processing customers with over 10,000 invoices per month which we are allocating and processing for payment.

Invoice Audit And Processing Timeline