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Audit Results

Fortune 1000 Companies

Telecom Integrity Group (TIG) has performed audits for several Fortune 1000 companies with tremendous results. These include: Retail, Pharmaceutical, Manufacturing, Call Center, Real Estate, Car Rental, Hospitality, Banking and others.

Audit Process

How Does A Typical Audit Work?

We'll walk you through common steps with the chart below. It represents the general flow and steps of a telecommunications audit, but this can certainly be adjusted per individual account requirements.

Audit Opportunities

Where Do The Savings Come From?

Though there are far too many areas to cover in a quick read, here are some of the more common areas in which Telecom Integrity Group can save you money with invoice processing and recommendations.

our customers are our priority
"In a very short time, the audit uncovered thousands of dollars in billing errors and was able to negotiate credit checks. In the first couple of months TIG recovered over $300K in refunds and reduced our monthly spend as well."
Kathleen A. Mascenik
Senior Financial Analyst
Merck & Co.
We don't promise - we act
TIG results based method ensures that all disputes and issues are resolved in a timely manner and validated on the invoices. There is no compensation until savings validated. TIG will identify the dispute or savings, review with the customer, then place all appropriate orders with the phone company and take ownership and coordinate all changes. Once complete, we take it to the next level and review and ensure all billing correct moving forward. Our approach ensures a real result driven mentality and process.
Recent Wins
March, 2014
Implementing VOIP at over 25 locations, allowing for elimination of PBX, voice mail, and private line network. Resulting in hundred of thousand of $ reductions.
February, 2014
Indentified Late Disconnect of 10 T1 circuits resulting in refund over $20,000
November, 2013
Identified a Class Action Settlement that provides for refund of carrier unauthorized 3rd party billing on local invoice. Over $60,000 recovered and still counting, for large national Real Estate Company.
September, 2013
Identified and disconnected over a dozen Frame Relay circuits not in use, resulting in an annual savings over $132,000.